Here is a list of our frequently asked questions.
Should your question not be covered, please send your question to us via info@r8em.co.za and we will respond to you as soon possible.

r8em is a rating platform with the vision of becoming the industry standard for rating performance, products & services.
You, the Rater, can now rate anything.
Currently, with more than 30 million records across businesses, products, movies, TV shows, music, books, soccer, rugby & cricket, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Alternatively, adding any business or product has been made super-easy for you with our "Add a Listing" feature.
Together we can improve the level of service we receive by engaging with companies, the Ratees, in a very easy and constructive way.

It means "rate them."
The “r8” in the name refers to the word "rate" and the "em" refers to "them".

Rating on the r8em platform is 100% FREE.
All you need to do is sign up, which could be done in seconds if you use your Facebook or Google accounts. If you'd rather take the scenic route, you can also sign up via your email account.
Once registered, you can start rating immediately.

You can add it.
We have an extensive and ever growing database, but in the event that you can't find what you are looking for, you can make use of our “Add a Listing” feature, after which you can rate them.

Firstly, you now have one platform to rate anything.
So, no more multiple websites and apps to do your ratings.

Secondly, our rating model allows you to rate different aspects to reflect your experience more accurately.
This means that your rating will be made up of various aspects, which could include the service you received, the premises you visited or the product you purchased.

• Rating the individual aspects provides extremely valuable information to the Ratees about your experience, be it good or bad.
• If a Ratee can pinpoint where they are getting it right or wrong, they can improve their product or service delivery on a very specific and targeted basis.
• You are able to get an indication of a Ratee's performance by just glancing at their Overall Rating and their Most Rated Aspects.
• Save you the time and effort of reading through numerous and long reviews.
• By just selecting Aspects you don't need to type long reviews to convey your experience.

The aspects have conveniently been pre-populated for you, so this makes for a very easy and quick rating experience.

At least one, but you can rate as many as you like.
The more aspects you rate though, the better and more informative your rating will be!

Just select the "I would like this Ratee to get back to me on this issue" option when you rate them.
(You are required to give details of your issue in the comments section when you rate).

If you choose this option, the Ratee will be notified on your behalf that there is an issue that requires their attention.

Anything that you need resolved could be described as an issue.
For example, a bad service experience, an account query, a poor performing product and premises that is not up to standard.

As soon as you complete and submit your rating with an issue, a Response Time Clock will be activated.
This Response Time Clock will appear below your rating on the Ratee's Details page.

The speed at which a Ratee replies to issues affects their Average Response Time.
It is, therefore, in the Ratee's best interest to respond to you as soon as possible.
We can of course not guarantee that a Ratee will respond to your issue.
But by not giving an official reply, the Response Time Clock keeps running.

The issue, therefore, remains unresolved.
By not dealing with the issue, the Ratee paints a picture of not caring about you or their reputation.
We will notify you via email as soon as a Ratee has responded to your issue.

All issues and ratings that Raters post are public and visible to anyone using the r8em site.
A Ratee's public response to your issue would also be visible to all users of the site.

Should you have personal information relating to your issue, you can revert to the private Message facility on your user Dashboard.
Here communication between you and the Ratee stays confidential and cannot be viewed by other parties.
We recommend that you use this channel to share personal or sensitive information with only the Ratee.

Firstly, you would need to sign up as a Rater, which is FREE.
Once signed up, your business profile can be claimed from either your Business Detail page or from the Claimed section on your user Dashboard.

There is no cost to claim your business profile and to keep your information up to date.

• You will receive notifications of all ratings and issues on your profile.
• Your business contact information can always be kept up to date.
• Customise your business details page with your own images.

• You can respond to Raters' issues on your profile.
• You'll be able to engage with Raters via your private Message facility on your user Dashboard.
• Should you have multiple branches, you will be able to assign specific managers to deal with their individual issues that may arise within those branches.
• From your Dashboard, you will have access to a wide range of statistics for all your branches.
• You will receive 400 FREE advertising impressions to be used on the r8em website.

You need to claim your profile and be a subscriber.
View subscription packages here.

You can report it and we will investigate the matter.
Go to the relevant profile, click the Report button and select the "This Profile belongs to me" option.